Do you sock it?

Listening to the radio at the moment…

They were talking about inappropriate, intrusive questions, and Grant popped up and said he went to a Shrink one time, and was asked “do you masterbate?”
That was the first opening question. Strange thing to start with, and how the hell is that related to mental health?
So the chat progresses along masturbation, and weather the boys used socks or not, and HOW they were used… Now some people just used it to clean up, but others ‘socked’ it for lack of other words.

I mean, I’m a girl, so not quite as understanding, but wouldn’t condoms just be cleaning, and smaller to deal with. Much less embarrassing that finding a used sock in my opinion.
Still, as I said, I’m the female of the species.

I had a killer of a gain this week at WW. 1.2KG. How is that possible in one week!? How!?
So, it’s back to the gym for me and writing down everything I eat, and drinking lots and lots and lots of water.

Work has been slow, so so slow even though it is the end of the month, and should be busy but it’s not.

I’m off paintballing with for my brother’s birthday this weekend. It’s going to be fun, and there is my exercise for the day. I can’t wait until it gets that little bit warmer, and then we can start taking the yachts out again. I love sailing, and can’t wait to get out on the water.

So I’m leaving you with the question…

Do you sock it?


Hello Blog-world

This is weird.


I’m not used to ‘blogging’ but it seems to work for some people, and I like that I’m annoymus. I’m going to use this as a record of my weight loss and (fingers crossed) my breast reduction.

The weight loss is the first issue, and although I haven’t been going for very long I’ve already managed to fall back into the old ways giving into temptation. oops.

I’m so tired lately and it might have to do with the fact that last night I shared my bed with my sister, and not my bf like usual. Weird, and not something I want to repeate any time soon. I’d much rather have a male body lying next to me.

Tonight I wasn’t planning on any exercise, but I’ve been invited out with the girls clubbing, and who am I to decline? Plus I’m so poor at the moment, I don’t have any friggen money to spend on alcohol so that temptation is out of the way.

Work is boring and slowly drawing the life out of me. I believe that if I stay here too long I will lose my sight and be bent over eventually looking like a female Notre Dame.

I already know what I am having for dinner tonight, which makes me feel better for my shocking weight gain (i just know I have gained).

I will be having pasta with a home-made pasta sauce made of canned tomatoes, onion, salt and pepper and maybe a little pinch of chilli flakes to spice it up. then the left overs I can have for lunch tomorrow.

I will be starting Core (and currently on Points) and going to stick to it damn it! I was going to start last week but ended up winning subway for lunch from ZM (radio station) with no say in what they brought me. Not that I’m complaining, I just decided to count as Points and away I went.

At my dance class last night my leader made us do push ups. Oh dear god I nearly died. I am proud of myself for lasting the class, two others left halfway through, and from what I could see they were doing better than me!

1. Drink 3 500ml bottles of water a day (1.5lt total)
2. Eat more veges and less…. junk
3. Go to the gym 3 days a week, and walk at least one other.

5kg gone – Manicure/Foo’s new album
10% gone – new makeup/nail polish