You fat cow you ate cheese!

Well, not cheese but chocolate, and not terribly bad chocolate, WW Choc crisp bars, so I could have done worse.
Actually, the above quote comes once again from the Morning Crew on ZM. Polly was out on her morning walk and shouted at herself “You fat cow you ate cheese!” much to the horror of one elderly male onlooker. She had to apologize and explain she wasn’t talking to him before running off. She’s doing Jenny Craig and lost a bit of weight on it so far. I did check out JC before WW but the cost was way too much.

Anyway, at weigh in last night I lost 700g which I’m happy with. My average has been around 500g a week, with one gain in the middle (and that was a shocker of a gain). I was hungry at the meeting so I brought some Choc Crisp bars which are yummy – a little too yummy. I can’t stop at one and had to hide them away so I didn’t overeat.


I love Garfield. He is so awesome 🙂

Anyhow I’m off to figure out this ‘blogroll’ thingy-ma-bob


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