Gained 900g at WW tonight. eeek!

I am starting Core tomorrow. I have my menu’s planned so I don’t mess up. I am going to the gym, not in the morning like I was planning on because I am feeling like crap, but it  will be after work. I’ll go to my Pilates class then do a circute, and then jump on the treadmill for 20mins.

I am considering what I want to do next year. I have a couple of options.  If I haven’t have my surgery by then, then I will likely stay on at work because I will need the sick pay to get me through. If I have had it by then, then I will likely go back to uni. Get a part time job, and rely on Student Allowance to get me through the year.  To do a photography course, but I am TERRIFIED that I will not be up to the standard, that I will be the worst in the class, that I won’t have the best ideas etc etc. I am scared that I won’t be good enough. I wasn’t good enough for the last course I did (ok experience is the key in that industry) and I was confident I would be good, yet it didn’t work out.

Argh too much negativity! If it doesn’t work out, again, then I will just know that’s not for me.  Hell, all you can do is try right?

So here is to my dwindling weight and my photographic prowess!

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