I was on a mission.

I got off the train with only one thing in mind.

I walked and barely heard what my boyfriend was saying.

The supermarket was inching ever closer with each step I took.

I grabbed a basket, told myself to wait, and got the essentials for dinner.

Then I walked ignoring the boyfriend, I was on a mission, and nothing was going to stop me.

I reached the last isle, stopped, turned right, took 5 steps, turned right again and stared.

In front of me row upon row upon deliciously sweet tempting row lie the elixirs of life. Some are chocolaty, some are hard, some are sweet, some are sour, some are mushy, some are new, others have been around for decades.

Yet they all fall under one sweet, tempting title.


I reach out and in what feels like slow motion, grab the packet, and walk away. Slowly. So as to not attract attention. We pay and hurry out.

I open the bag.

I’ve eaten half by the first set of traffic lights.

Then the spell lifts, and I can hear what boyfriend is saying.


I’ve decided that I’ll probably just date most of my entries. Not very original, I know, but I’ve never been great with titles. Some of my photos suffer for lack of a good name.

We had indoor netball again last night, and we weren’t as sloppy as last week, but there is still ALOT that we need to work on. I think I am transforming my role from Captain to Captain/Coach. Which I don’t mind at all, but I don’t know anything about strategy’s for indoor netball as opposed to outdoor. Indoor is a lot like basketball, and I suspect it is very close to the original game. I don’t know much at all about the history of netball, so I’m going to research that right now. Then I can talk here all full of knowledge as opposed to full of bullshit.

Ok here is what I found out about netball, and I was right in my assumption – it is derived from basketball, hence the major similarities in indoor netball which is quite different to outdoor.

Netball is a non-contact sport derived from basketball. Interestingly enough it originated in The United States as “Women’s Basketball” but as far as I know, it’s not widely played there at all. It is most popular in New Zealand, Australia, Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom.

The rules of basketball had to be modified when women took an interest as their outfits meant they didn’t have as much free range of motion as the men. So running and dribbling were ruled out, and now there is no “stepping” in netball.

Still in 1895, Clara Baer, a teacher from New Orleans realized there were no hard and fast rules for netball. Some games were played with 9 players, while others with 5. She borrowed the rules of basketball and mistakenly thought that scribblings on the diagram of the court were zoning lines, and so she set the zones as we use them today.
In 1901 these rules were ratified and netball officially became a competitive sport, however it was still several years before regular competitions were held.
The first Netball World Championships were held in in 1963 and hosted by England. Australia has dominated the Championships winning in 1971, 1975, 1979, 1983, 1991, 1995 and 1999. New Zealand finally broke the trend when they took home the gold in 2003, but in November of this year (last week in fact) Australia took the title back in a finale against the defenders playing on their home ground.
Fiji were scheduled to host the 2007 World Netball Championship in July but were striped of that right as a result of the December 2006 coup.

(I was going to stop there but it’s all too interesting – well for me)

In Australia and New Zealand it is the most popular womens sport and both countries have a national competition. The women’s game is played at a high international level with Australia and New Zealand undoubtedly the world’s strongest teams.
While they remain relativly unknown there are men’s representative teams too. While the women’s version requires skill and technical prowess men tend to use their height and strength to their advantage.

In the Netherlands and Belgium a similar game called Korfball is played having 4 men and 4 women in a team.

Ok, I really will stop now. I think tomorrow I will highlight the differences between indoor and outdoor netball.

If I had been asked to write an essay on Netball in English, I might have done better.


My BF’s father is a priest and his mother is very Christian. None of which I have a problem with. When I would go and stay at his place though we had to sleep in separate rooms. This has been happening for two years whenever we went to stay there (we now live with each other).  For the wedding we’ve known for a while that his parents were paying for the accommodation, so it meant that we didn’t have as much say in where we slept. I arrived in B******** rather apprehensive. I didn’t want to have to share a room with some old Aunt I didn’t know. It’s just rather awkward, and I still like to snuggle down with BF at night.
We found upon arrival that we had our own unit next to his parents. It was a huge relief and a big step from them in letting us sleep in the same room.
Another big step was that I was introduced to his niece’s and nephew as their aunty.  Guess I’ll be sticking around for a while then!

This year we are sending presents from us to the kids and to his brother and his wife in Australia. They came here for the wedding and some holidaying, but are leaving on Saturday. Just Mike and Jannah will be coming back in January for Chris’s (other brother) wedding. They are a great family, but I still feel young. I am, I am about 10years younger than Jannah. It was nice that Cara thought I was 22/21 – a bit off but nice.

The wedding was beautiful. They managed to sneak some jokes into the vows (such as a reference to the fact that the groom likes to get naked when he’s drunk) which lightened it up. The ceremony was outside so we were lucky with the sun shining, but a slight breeze to cool us down. I must say though, that I had lunch at 12.30 and the wedding was at 3. It only took a couple glasses of wine before I thought I had better stop and wait for the food.  Cara and Chris had the same thing but they didn’t stop. Cara was sitting at the table next to me at dinner saying “Oh god, I’m half cut already” but she didn’t look all that bad the next day.

The first dance was great. They made it comedic and good, but poor BF, can’t dance at all. Well, he can, but only when he’s told what to do. I tried to get him on the dance floor but I just laughed at him and he stormed off. I really didn’t mean to laugh, I thought he was joking around. I really do love him.

The next day we went to see a friend of my nana’s who had a breast reduction operation 4 years ago. It was great because she understood the little things. Like when you’re working on the keyboard and you reach for something, you have to watch that your breasts don’t knock a key and do something you don’t want it to.  It was helpful though, and I’m glad we went to see her.

On Monday night I had my first game of indoor netball. We were meant to have 6 players, but only had 4. Fortunately they helped us find 2 other players  to play for us, and it was a tough game. I was surprised though at how easily playing came back to me. I was biting my lip trying not to direct the team too much or tell them what to do. I could see clearly that we were just a social team, but GOD, some mistakes were amature. I do just need to bit my lip though, if they want feedback, they will ask for it. And it wasn’t all that long ago I was playing fiercely competitive and winning. I’m really gutted that I gave it up now, but I’m back playing and that’s what matters.

I did not realize though how bloody unfit I am. I mean, I knew I was  but a game like that never used to leave me that exhausted. and sore in places that I didn’t know would hurt after netball, it’s insane. I need to get my butt into gear and get fitter.

We did relatively well though, considering it was our first game.

I’ve been tagged

I’m going to make two separate posts – the next one is going to be much longer

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So let me see if I can get this linking thing done right. No I don’t know how to do it. I’ll just put in the web address heh.

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7 random facts

  1. I played netball for 10 years, but haven’t played for the  last 3. Last night I played the first game for out social netball team, and it was HARD. But the experience is coming in handy. I’m just trying to hold my tongue and not correct them too much. I’m going to ask if they want my feed back before I give it, I don’t want to see preachy.
  2. I love photography. I get so much enjoyment out of looking at a really good photo. Strange, yes. I also think that I could make a decent photographer, if only I had the confidence to do a course.
  3. I feel naked when my fingernails aren’t painted. I have long nails on my finger, so even when they are short (as for netball) they don’t look all stubby.
  4. I live with my boyfriend in a two room student flat which is tiny. And even though last year I said I wouldn’t live here again, I’m back because I can’t stand to be apart from him.
  5. I have size 7 feet, occasionally an 8 depending on the shoe.
  6. I like to eat milo straight out of the packet.
  7. I am doing Weight Watchers because I am sick of being the chubby one in the family. I’m not terribly overweight, but I am always described as chubby 😛

And to tag 7 people – well I only know a couple of people on here, so it’s that that important for me.

That’s a phone bill!

True story from a local newspaper 😀

A N***** woman admits she likes to get on the blower and talk to friends and family but even she was shocked when she checked her phone bill last week.

Mrs Blogs called [phone company’s] Service Express line to inquire about a penalty payment she was being charged, but quickly realised the $7 fee was the least of her worries – there was the small matter of more than $1,900,000 to be resolved.

” I had to sit down. It made my heart jump I got such a fright,” Mrs Blogs said.

She called her son to come over and got him to ring again.

But the news only got worse. In a space of minutes Mrs Blogs’ big bill had leapt to $2,200,000.

A third call to the line was made by her caregiver. Now she owed almost $3 million.

“It just kept going up. I couldn’t believe it,” she said.

[Phone company] spokesperson Miss Black said it was a case of mistaken identity.

Mrs Blogs has a landline with another company, a mobile with [phone company] and a simple mix-up entering in the wrong phone number had led to the whopping bill.

“She got an incorrect response,” Miss Balck said.

A computer glitch was the most likely reason for the massive amount, Miss Black said.


This weekend BF and I are tripping down to B******** in T******* for his brothers wedding. I’m quite excited but I hope the weather is better than it’s been this week. I don’t want my heels to sink into the ground, never ever a good look. I’m borrowing a camera from Scotty Mc Scott Scott (digital you see). I have no money or patience to have film developed, and while I would rather steal Sarah’s I’ll stick with this. I get instant gratification this way hehe. And I can get some photos up. I’m not official photographer(thank god!), but I will try and get in some sneaky shots. I am going to get my hair done but nothing fancy. It cost me $85 for a haircut the other week. I nearly died. In fact, I should have got my hair dyed at that cost.

I am have blood pressure troubles, how weird is that. I’m freakin’ 19 and they are making me get it checked once a week, and it might have an effect on my breast reduction surgery (eeek!!). I’m being sent off to see a renal specialist. That’s kindeys in laymans terms. When I was younger had lots of problems with them, alot of which I don’t remember much about as I said, I was younger. I remember lots of doctors visits, therapist visits (they thought for awhile I was wetting the bed at night on purpose, what I’ve come to realize that at that time, my kidneys weren’t telling my brain I needed to go, and so I wasn’t waking up. I’ve learnt how to control it now though.), having tests done in the hospitals. Starship was nice, but the tests felt intrusive. Starship for those who don’t know is the children’s hospital in Auckland.
Anyway – point is, I don’t really want to go through all that again, but it looks like I have to get at least some tests done. Through private too, not public, so quick but expensive. I bet if the doctors had figured it all out when I was younger I wouldn’t have to be going through this now.
Sorry, a bit of a rant. But I’m angry and scared and frustrated all at the same time.

Good news though, my breast op was moving from a priority 4 to a priority 3 – yippee!

Aite, lunch time. Subway ahoy!