Ahhh yes. The silent sound of success. Fitting into a skirt I brought last year.
At Fat Fighters last night I weighed in at a beautiful 74.4 kg, meaning I had lost a total of 2.1kg in a week. faaaaaaaaaark.
Some stats for you:
To date I have lost 5.3kg.
I have done this over 11 weeks (can’t believe it’s been that long!) losing an average of about 500gm a week when you factor in my gains (oops). But that is what life is about, enjoying yourself and knowing how to pull it in again.

And I love the strawberries are in season. I am munching on them like they are going out of fashion, they are so delicious and sweet. I was contemplating attacking a chocolate bar, but I am going to a friends place for her birthday/fireworks display tonight and I don’t know what the menu is going to be, so I think I’ll save points. I’ve done well so far. Only used 4 or 5 (I’ll count properly later haha) this week.

I went back for the next two stages for the call centre job, and had to take a morning off work to see my ‘surgeon’ and then had to fake a sickie. I felt so bad doing that but I didn’t know what else to say. I’ve been pretty successful I am just waiting to here back after they ring my references.

I wen to my parents place the other night. That day two huge freight trucks had collided on the motorway, and burst into a fireball. A passerby stopped and pulling one of the drivers out of his truck, the other one was already out. And then took off. So he’s been branded a ‘hero’ and people are still looking for him. Dad saw this and told me about a time him and my uncle did a similar thing.
The were driving home one night, the weather was drizzly and bad conditions, when they came across an accident scene.
We drive on the left side of the road and I’ve up loaded a picture to explain what happened.

Car 2 was broken down, so Car 1 was on the left side of the road using it’s lights to shine into the bonnet. Two men were in between Car’s 1 & 2 trying to get it started when Car 3 came along. Car 3 can’t see Car 2 because the headlights of Car 1 are missing it completely. If you are on a straight road and you see lights you move to the left but this was a mis-judgment, and Car 3 crashed into the back of Car 2 which plowed into Car 1 squashing the two men working on the car. Dad and his brother came across the scene just after it happened. One of the batteries were on fire so they used beer to put it out, and then proceeded to get others as far away from the car as possible. One guy was calling a name out over and over, and dad and Uncle were trying to find this person. Dad said he had never been so relieved to hear sirens. Turns out there was a woman in Car 1 watching, and after the accident she had gotten out, but she was in so much shock that she just stood there staring, and dad and uncle didn’t see her. On the news the following night they credited her with getting the guys out of the cars and away from the fire. She would have been in so much shock she couldn’t remember and same with everyone else.  So my dad is a true hero. He didn’t seek to change it, he just left it alone. The people in Cars 1 & 2 lived, but we aren’t sure about Car 3.

2 thoughts on “WOOHOO

  1. missbooti says:

    seriously babe, KILLER effort with the loss this week. you lil’ fat fighting machine. i love it when you have a loss that big – keeps you on a high for the rest of the week.
    ps: AWESOME garfield strip. there are so many amazing garfield/diet ones. i read this long one (right when i started ff) and garfield was so hungry he was delirious and imagining pizzas, choc sundaes etc with legs were all coming up and talking to him. my god, i could relate!

  2. missmw says:

    I always seem to find a Garfield strip that is perfect. 😀 this one was so funny! I’m sure that’s what happens to me.

    Pretty sure this week is going to be a gain (whoops) then again, I seem to say that and keep losing. I ate waaaaay too much horrible stuff all weekend, it was disgusting. I need to learn to control eating. This weekend I had little control, and next weekend will be the same, still that doesn’t count for when I did have control and still didn’t eat well.

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