This weekend BF and I are tripping down to B******** in T******* for his brothers wedding. I’m quite excited but I hope the weather is better than it’s been this week. I don’t want my heels to sink into the ground, never ever a good look. I’m borrowing a camera from Scotty Mc Scott Scott (digital you see). I have no money or patience to have film developed, and while I would rather steal Sarah’s I’ll stick with this. I get instant gratification this way hehe. And I can get some photos up. I’m not official photographer(thank god!), but I will try and get in some sneaky shots. I am going to get my hair done but nothing fancy. It cost me $85 for a haircut the other week. I nearly died. In fact, I should have got my hair dyed at that cost.

I am have blood pressure troubles, how weird is that. I’m freakin’ 19 and they are making me get it checked once a week, and it might have an effect on my breast reduction surgery (eeek!!). I’m being sent off to see a renal specialist. That’s kindeys in laymans terms. When I was younger had lots of problems with them, alot of which I don’t remember much about as I said, I was younger. I remember lots of doctors visits, therapist visits (they thought for awhile I was wetting the bed at night on purpose, what I’ve come to realize that at that time, my kidneys weren’t telling my brain I needed to go, and so I wasn’t waking up. I’ve learnt how to control it now though.), having tests done in the hospitals. Starship was nice, but the tests felt intrusive. Starship for those who don’t know is the children’s hospital in Auckland.
Anyway – point is, I don’t really want to go through all that again, but it looks like I have to get at least some tests done. Through private too, not public, so quick but expensive. I bet if the doctors had figured it all out when I was younger I wouldn’t have to be going through this now.
Sorry, a bit of a rant. But I’m angry and scared and frustrated all at the same time.

Good news though, my breast op was moving from a priority 4 to a priority 3 – yippee!

Aite, lunch time. Subway ahoy!


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