My BF’s father is a priest and his mother is very Christian. None of which I have a problem with. When I would go and stay at his place though we had to sleep in separate rooms. This has been happening for two years whenever we went to stay there (we now live with each other).  For the wedding we’ve known for a while that his parents were paying for the accommodation, so it meant that we didn’t have as much say in where we slept. I arrived in B******** rather apprehensive. I didn’t want to have to share a room with some old Aunt I didn’t know. It’s just rather awkward, and I still like to snuggle down with BF at night.
We found upon arrival that we had our own unit next to his parents. It was a huge relief and a big step from them in letting us sleep in the same room.
Another big step was that I was introduced to his niece’s and nephew as their aunty.  Guess I’ll be sticking around for a while then!

This year we are sending presents from us to the kids and to his brother and his wife in Australia. They came here for the wedding and some holidaying, but are leaving on Saturday. Just Mike and Jannah will be coming back in January for Chris’s (other brother) wedding. They are a great family, but I still feel young. I am, I am about 10years younger than Jannah. It was nice that Cara thought I was 22/21 – a bit off but nice.

The wedding was beautiful. They managed to sneak some jokes into the vows (such as a reference to the fact that the groom likes to get naked when he’s drunk) which lightened it up. The ceremony was outside so we were lucky with the sun shining, but a slight breeze to cool us down. I must say though, that I had lunch at 12.30 and the wedding was at 3. It only took a couple glasses of wine before I thought I had better stop and wait for the food.  Cara and Chris had the same thing but they didn’t stop. Cara was sitting at the table next to me at dinner saying “Oh god, I’m half cut already” but she didn’t look all that bad the next day.

The first dance was great. They made it comedic and good, but poor BF, can’t dance at all. Well, he can, but only when he’s told what to do. I tried to get him on the dance floor but I just laughed at him and he stormed off. I really didn’t mean to laugh, I thought he was joking around. I really do love him.

The next day we went to see a friend of my nana’s who had a breast reduction operation 4 years ago. It was great because she understood the little things. Like when you’re working on the keyboard and you reach for something, you have to watch that your breasts don’t knock a key and do something you don’t want it to.  It was helpful though, and I’m glad we went to see her.

On Monday night I had my first game of indoor netball. We were meant to have 6 players, but only had 4. Fortunately they helped us find 2 other players  to play for us, and it was a tough game. I was surprised though at how easily playing came back to me. I was biting my lip trying not to direct the team too much or tell them what to do. I could see clearly that we were just a social team, but GOD, some mistakes were amature. I do just need to bit my lip though, if they want feedback, they will ask for it. And it wasn’t all that long ago I was playing fiercely competitive and winning. I’m really gutted that I gave it up now, but I’m back playing and that’s what matters.

I did not realize though how bloody unfit I am. I mean, I knew I was  but a game like that never used to leave me that exhausted. and sore in places that I didn’t know would hurt after netball, it’s insane. I need to get my butt into gear and get fitter.

We did relatively well though, considering it was our first game.


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