I was on a mission.

I got off the train with only one thing in mind.

I walked and barely heard what my boyfriend was saying.

The supermarket was inching ever closer with each step I took.

I grabbed a basket, told myself to wait, and got the essentials for dinner.

Then I walked ignoring the boyfriend, I was on a mission, and nothing was going to stop me.

I reached the last isle, stopped, turned right, took 5 steps, turned right again and stared.

In front of me row upon row upon deliciously sweet tempting row lie the elixirs of life. Some are chocolaty, some are hard, some are sweet, some are sour, some are mushy, some are new, others have been around for decades.

Yet they all fall under one sweet, tempting title.


I reach out and in what feels like slow motion, grab the packet, and walk away. Slowly. So as to not attract attention. We pay and hurry out.

I open the bag.

I’ve eaten half by the first set of traffic lights.

Then the spell lifts, and I can hear what boyfriend is saying.


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