Endorphins are addictive

They so are! I am – get this – looking forward to getting up at 6am tomorrow morning to go to the gym.

And looking forward to netball tonight. I have all the motivation in the world and it’s awesome.

I wish I had the same motivation for food, I am still falling victim to chocolate and white bread. oops. I couldn’t resist on the weekend. I had fried onion on white bread smothered in yummy tomato sauce. I did though manage to avoid the sausages, so I could have done worse.

I am also falling victim to my ‘snooze’ button on the alarm. This morning I was hitting it before even realizing I was awake, which resulted in me getting out of bed 40mins late! eek. Still made it to work on time thanks to myself for being organized and making my lunch last night.

Over the New Year (actually from the 2nd Jan) 3 friends and I are going camping on Waiheke Island (Ok, I’ve given up my country, but you still don’t know what part, and trust me, we aren’t as little as you think). It is going to be a kick ass four days. Sun, sand and surf. Litterly. I am going to learn to surf (if, of course, we can find someone to hire me out a surfboard). I think I can do it. I have a knack for picking things up on the water. Sailing was easy, once they fixed the f***** boat. I tell you, if you’re a woman, they’ll blame it on that, not the fact that the boat was broken. What happened was there was a leak, and the yacht was taking on water, filling the hull making it terribly hard to control the boat via rudder and sail.
I knew right away but it wasn’t until I started using the Laser and my brothers friend used the cursed yacht that they realized something was wrong. And I quote “Oh, so it wasn’t just you’

My family have such faith in my boating abilities.

ANYWAY – point being, that I am going to take to surfing easily. 🙂

I really need to stop changing topics mid-post.


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