Like my christmas theme?

I like Christmas. Best time of year. That and my birthday, which happen to be within a week of each other. So all year I look forward to Chirsssmasbirfday and then it’s all over. And I have a whole year to wait until I receive more pressies. I sound spoilt but really, I’m not.

You know when you’ve wanted to get something, but it’s a bit luxurious or you just can’t afford it right now. And then friends and family ask “what do you want for your birthday? What do you want for Christmas?” and you tell them that. Well generally people are asked twice a year, I get asked once. And so I admit, I try and milk it. Doesn’t work out that well because my birthday is AFTER Christmas, not before. Most people have forgotten, and spent their money, so they get me gift vouchers. Always with the gift vouchers, or the $40 cheque from one set of grandparents. I’ve received the same thing since I turned 13.

I was tempted to wear a Santa hat to work this morning but I am nicer than that. Some people are just grinchy. Take a guy I work with for instance. Didn’t take to the flashing Santa hats that were on display at our work function on Saturday night. Where is your Christmas spirit?!

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