How strange…

Blog-whore? me?

Yeah, so what…

For months I’ve been wanting out of this job, been wanting to go and work somewhere else, with other people, have other things to do.

And now, with a week to go…I want it to go slower. I went out with these people on Saturday night, and now I don’t want to leave them with someone who doesn’t know the system, how things work, what they are like, and I don’t want the new person to be a girl.


Am experiencing a major case of jealously against someone who is not even here.

Maybe it is because of what Ben said to me on Saturday night that I was going a great job etc etc. That FINALLY I am getting compliments that I want to work more to make them seem valid…and I’m not going to have the chance.

Or maybe I’m just afraid of change?

Or maybe I’m completely off my frickn’ nut, it boggles me sometimes how one person can feel so many different emotions at the same time.

I think I need to lie down.


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