I pledge…

I pledge that from now until the end of the year I will:

  • Drink at least two 750ml bottles of water a day (I drink hardly any, it’s a real challenge for me).
  • Eat ONLY from the Core food list. No bonus points unless it’s on alcohol (see next). Exempt on Christmas Day.
  • Drink only two alcoholic drinks a night if I must, with diet soda. I am exempt on my birthday (29th Dec).
  • Walk at least 30mins a day (including Christmas Day) and wear my pedometer.
  • Plan as many meals as I can.
  • Eat more veges and try to have as little salt as possible.
  • Jump on the internet or email if I have a lapse for an instantaneous motivation boost. Or to at least distract me.

Here I go.


One thought on “I pledge…

  1. missbooti says:

    hey hey, how are you going with these goals?

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