My dead body is worth $5015.00

On Friday night I went home to visit my parents. We spent Saturday getting a Christmas tree, doing Christmas shopping, and painting the office. It started off that I was going to paint the free standing wardrobe. Then mum realised we had lots of paint left over (was given to us) and that it matched the other wall in the office/sleep out. So, I painted the kitchen. Freakin’ spiders though. Why do they always run TOWARDS me!? Actually, why is there an insane amount of spiders in there in the first place? It’s like a spider world. Yuck.

On Sunday night I went up to Orewa for a friends birthday. We had a lovely lunch in which we sat a magazine article of Casey Affleck staring at us with his bedroom eyes (oh yum) in his own chair, then drove around, terroising boys with our gangster music blaring out of a car full of white girls while trying to find the bus that went back to Auckland.

And none of us even like that music.

Thank god we don’t live there.

Went and saw The Assination of Jesse James last night staring Brad Pitt and Casey Affleck. Which is good. I liked it. It is slow, so defiantly not a movie for action lovers. I like a bit of action, but too much. So, I like Transformers but any more and it would be enough.

I finish here at work on Wednesday. Then I am free until the 7th of January. Whoop. It’s going to be crazy busy in that two weeks, and actually, I can’t wait until I start to have a break.

I am having a real hard time with Fat Fighters at the moment. I look in the mirror, and I see my chubby tummy and it sucks, I hate it. But then I hang  out with my friends, and half of them are larger then I am and I feel better about myself compared to them. I know that is a TERRIBLE thing to say, but I don’t feel like the biggest fatty there.  And because I don’t have proper shoes to exercise in I’m getting sore knees again and making TONNES of excuses not to exercise. I wish I wouldn’t, I wish I was one of those people who LOVED exercising. I do love netball. And I wish I did that more often than once a week. BUT GAH.

I need a kick up the bum.

And a list.

I need a list.

I’m going to write a list.

That makes me feel productive.


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