I am never drinking again

Holy hell I made a fool of myself and not in the usual way either. Usually I talk my ass off but I can’t really remeber what was said just that I had a conversation and there was a lot of talking.

But last night my father had to hold back my hair. I feel so ashamed – I’ve just been over the road and apologiesd to the faimly. That part isn’t a huge deal because we partically live at each other’s houses. Well I’m over there a lot. But ooooh the shame.

At first thought the New Years party was gonig to be dull. I skipped going to Marni’s in favour of helping mum out. Her arthritis has gotten extreamly bad in the last month, and she’s on super strength pain killers but at this point she hadn’t taken them. So she didn’t want to move much and I was doing stuff but around 9ish she said that she was just gong to watch tv and go to bed and I could go. So I thought I’d check out the Tollen-Steven’s party. A little background here.
They have 3 boys, Brent (who I went out with when I was 16 which started the association), Brock who is younger, and Daniel who is the oldest (oldest of the boys that live at home and oldest over-all). So Brent and Brock weren’t around and Daniel hadn’t gotten home yet. We hung out, drank. I was drinking my grandfathers home brew vodka. I totally under-estimated the strength of that shit. MUCH stronger than the stuff you buy and that’s where I went wrong.

Then a couple of other people offered me a joint. I’m not a smoker, put aparently drunk me thought I was. BAD bad choice.

So I went downhill and my father held back my hair. My parents found it harilous when this morning I had to run to the toilet because my body couldn’t take standing or sitting up. And they laughed at me because I rejected the offer of a BBQ sausage. Really, that was because it’s all oily and fatty and I don’t really eat saussies anyway.

I am sitting here feeling sorry for myself.

But EEFF ME. Kiddies, don’t drink.


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