I wish I was back on holiday

I’ve just spent 5 days in ignorance to what is happening in the world around me and I wish I was back there.

I came home today from camping with my girlfriends (update tomorrow) and went to find out what is happening in the world. I found out that a boy who lived in the small community where I grew up (my parents and brother and sister still live there, and I kinda half do) had a terrible accident yesterday, and last night they turned his life support off. If that wasn’t enough to bring my mood down (everyone knows everyone in that community) my brother and sister expressed happiness of all emotions at the fact that he was dead. I was talking to my brother so he got a piece of my mind, but I just can’t fathom how he could say some of the things he was saying.

My brother and sister lack compassion, and that depresses me. I would have thought their upbringing would mean they would care for their family, friends and community. I will admit that he was an accident waiting to happen, but he did not deserve to die. He was just a typical boy gone slightly off the rails, but with the right people surrounding him he would have carried on just fine and got past it all.

Here is the newspaper article. I’m still so upset, and it’s more so because I cannot get over what my brother and sister said. If I was still on holiday I wouldn’t have known what terrible people they can be.

A teenager was last night fighting for his life after the go-kart he received for Christmas collided with a motorbike just 20 metres from his home.

K C, 15, was airlifted from K******** B** to Auckland City Hospital yesterday evening with serious head injuries, only a few days after celebrating his birthday with family and friends.

His younger brother S, 8, and friend K* F, 15, watched with horror as the crash occurred on K*******-O**** Rd at 3pm.

“He was mucking around and crashed,” K* said last night.

“The motorbike fella flew about eight metres in the air. K flipped off and lay on the ground.

“I was telling him to breathe because he wasn’t. There was a big hole in his leg and crack in his head. He couldn’t open his eyes.”

The former P******** C******* student had been working with his stepfather R W putting up electric security fences.

W, a Meremere speedway racer, bought the go-kart, which can reach speeds of 50km/h, for his stepson to do up.

K decided to fix the car and drive it before his stepfather had the chance to check it.

K* and another friend, J**** M****-B*****, 14, believed the go-kart brakes were faulty.

“He would have tried to stop it but it takes a long time to slow,” J said.

The motorcycle rider was taken to Middlemore Hospital with minor injuries.

Serious Crash Unit said investigations were continuing.

It was just one of a string of serious smashes on another horror day on New Zealand roads.


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