This post is going to be long

and so will the one following that

and the one after that

and the one after that

and then I promise, they will become average sized….err…ish.

When I finished work on the 19th of Dec last year I went to my parents house, where from then until the 25th (more like the 27th) I worked hard with my parents to ready the house for the 25 family members we had coming to stay over Christmas. During this time brother and sister were totally useless – complaining and not helping, but I knew that was going to happen hence why I went home.
I was booted out of my room* and my cousin (who is 18) and his pregnant girlfriend got it. I was kinda pissed, but she’s pregnan, I can’t begrudge her! I slept on my sisters floor.
Come Christmas Day everyone has arrived, and the family are waiting…waiting…waiting and FINALLY at 11am (I am one of those impatient types) we got to open our pressies. I did rather well. I got the Peter Jackson Autobiography which I was extremely happy with, until it started falling apart. I’m too scared to touch it now, but it will be fixed and it will be done soon so I can continue reading.
Sure, I’m biased, but it’s fantastic reading. It’s fascinating, you can see why he’s the director he is today.
My brother and cousin (16 & 14) were in the tents outside with power leads and internet cord for their computers when a giant squall came through. While everyone ran inside, myself (in my pretty dress!) dad and uncle Jade went outside to help the boys run the power cables and computers inside before any serious damage was done. Battling the wind and rain we got everything inside, and then proceeded to take down the tent that was threatening to take off. When that was done we turned our attention to the gazeebo we had been lent for the day that was threatening to take off. At this stage I ran inside and grabbed cousin and cousins boyfriend to help us get it down as soon as possible. It wasn’t until we had everything secure and I was inside that I realized how wet I was and that I couldn’t wear my dress for the rest of the day.
During the day brother sister and I went down the road to my aunties to see her. She hadn’t come down because she had a killer tooth ache and seeing her then I decided to stay sober for the day which came in handy. At about 8.30 (right when the Outrageous Fortune movie was on grr) I was called upon to take her to the hospital, the only dentist that was open on Christmas Day. We got there and it turned out that there wasn’t going to be a dentist on. And we had to wait behind 35 other people to see the Dr. As if someone was cursing us, 3 ambulances pulled up, and the line got even longer. My aunty was nearly crying from the pain but thankfully a nurse took pity and got her some super strength pain killers to get her through the night so we could go home. She went through to the dentist the next morning, but by the time I got home, all the oldies had gone to bed and the youngies had started drinking without me and it’s not all that fun to join in halfway. I just went to bed.

God, I’m tired just reading that.

Boxing day next time.

* It’s still my room, I don’t care if I don’t live there any more.


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