I am a woman obsessed…

Yes, indeed I am.  I cannot stop thinking about hottie flattie and weather or not I will get the flat and why I won’t get it over the other girl (is she hotter than me?! Did she flirt better? Am I just boring (that I know is not true)).

So, tomrorow night I am going out to a flat warming and I plan on getting nice and drunk.

Not, obvoiusly, so drunk I cannot walk because that is really just not attractive, but nicely happy where everyone is my friend and guys will buy me drinks, that I can handle.

I am so ready for it to be the weekend.

I have no plans, I am so excited. I need a life.


Oh yea




Went and had a look at a potential flat tonight. The flatmates… SO FRICKEN HOT.

Dear god I want that flat. Not only are they hot, they are clean, and the father owns the place so no hard laws…yus!

Fingers crossed I am better than the other girl having a look at it on Saturday.

I’m depressed

My sister is World Number 1 bitch.

All I want is to be able to go out tomorrow night and have some drinks with girls from work and drinks with a friend who is going back to India. I probably won’t see him again for a good few years. And she won’t let me have the car to visit.

She wants to see her friend who is getting shitty at her because she ditched her.

Um, not my fault she ditched her friend.

But I can’t even be fucked fighting back.

I have no fight left in me.

I feel like I want to cry at the unfairness of it all. He’s leaving the country, and she can’t get her little self-centred brain around that.

Also, another fish died.

I suspect it ate the other. I now have 4 fish.

I went back to the Dr’s for a follow up appointment for my blood pressure. Constantly high, and I’m on medication.  If we can’t find the cause, I’m on meds for the rest of my life.

I’m only 20! Come on!

😦 It is not a good night.

back again

so…it’s been a while.

How ya been? Surviving? Living life? Missing me? Oh yes I know everyone’s missed me!

I have been up and down and all over the place. Since BF and I broke up I have had days where I’m good, I’m doing fine, I feel like I’m moving on ok…and then I’ll talk to him and I become a blubbering mess. Did I make the right decision? Did I really expect him to try that hard? Was I expecting too much?

A week after we broke up I met a guy when I was out with the girls. I didn’t think anything of it, but he seems to like me. And that’s thrown me into a weird spin. I like the attention, but I’m still hurting. On good day’s it’s fun to hang out with him, and he’s made it pretty clear he likes me. He went to so much trouble just to send flowers to me at work on Valentines Day.

I don’t know what I want. I know I defiantly can not go into another relationship, and I’ve told this guy exactly that time and again. But he still doesn’t mind.

At the moment I’m still living with my parents, driving 1hr 15mins to work every day, and then home again. Spending $100 a week on petrol. My sister has turned on uuber bitch mode for some reason. Possibly she doesn’t like having to share the car again, and doesn’t like being demoted from top child in the house back to second, but she’s always had middle child syndrome. I just don’t talk to her, I hope it passes. Though she’s gone to taking the car keys and leaving them in her bag, when I leave at 630am and she sleeps till 10am at least. And you don’t wake my sister unless you want the dragon to breath fire all over your head.


I went away on Saturday with 6 fish, came home Sunday with 5.

I am missing a goldfish.

There is a lid on the tank, the cat didn’t get it.

There are no remains in the filter.

It’s just gone…

That makes me sad 😦