It’s the end of the affair…

yes, today I call off the affair with chocolate…starting tomorrow. *

Since I turned 13, for the last 7 years, chocolate and I have enjoyed a steamy, sometimes messy, sometimes hard and sometimes soft, elegant, and ruthless love affair.

Chocolate has treated me well during this time.  It’s soothed my feelings, filled the empty void in my stomach, and provided sweet sweet relief in times of need.

But chocolate hasn’t always been so loving. It’s created havoc on my face, and settled in around my waist line refusing to move off.

So, I am putting my foot down. As of tomorrow chocolate is moving out.

I am saying goodbye to my brown, squidy, tasty, chocolaty lover.

*Ok, so my resolve isn’t that strong. I have chocolate that needs to be eaten, I’ll eat that first.

2 thoughts on “It’s the end of the affair…

  1. waimomona says:

    That was good! Humorous and delightful!

  2. missmw says:

    Heh thanks 🙂

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