It’s a sign

As I was lazying on the couch munching on the chocolate Easter eggs given to me yesterday, mum was harping on that exercise could be fun, that it’s not a chore etc etc. I tend to disagree. I see exercise as a necessity, but I wouldn’t say fun. There is absolutely nothing fun about having to hold your boobs to your chest while trying to walk faster. I just have never seen the appeal. I would like to love it, but I feel so tired lately that I can’t get enthused. The tiredness is a result of the meds I’m on for the blood pressure, and it’s expected to even out in another couple of weeks.

So I open the magazine that comes with the weekend paper, and it seems its out there to convince me that all gyms are not sweaty, smelly, and hideously embarrassing. The first article was about gyms in NZ, and detailed the differnet classes etc, but the prices are INSANE.

4 of 5 gyms deatiled had membership from $1000 upwards per annum. I mean for those gyms you’re not getting any budget crap. And there are load of programmes and classes, but, woah. The other price was $695.

It talked about Les Mills (as would be expected) and their classes they run there. I am a big fan of classes. They work for me because of a couple of reasons.

1) The loud music keeps me motivated

2) I hate being the worst at anything. I don’t have to be the best but to be the worst really sucks so if I’m in a class situation I want to do better than anyone else.

Next was a story about a lady who did Fat Fighters (aka WW), Sure Slim and a couple of other diets over a couple of years and finally lost her weight but not without struggles and trials etc. Yea yea yea I’ve read it all before. Personally I don’t find it inspiring unless I actually know the person.

The last story I glanced at was about an insane fitness boot camp that people sign up to for fun… this concept I cannot grasp, but I am acutely aware that while sitting on the couch bumming around in my trakkies and munching on chocolate is good for after a night out, its not exactly the best for every weekend activity, especially when i sit on my bum all day in the office anyway.

I couldn’t really argue with all that facts staked up in front of me so I’m on the Les Mills website trying to win a free year long membership at the moment.

Wish me luck.


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