Top 5 Indulgent Moments

So, my good blogging and fat fighting friend Miss Gabby has started an, obession, I woud call it. Her Top 5, which I am now stealing, and I will start making top 5 lists myself.

So, to start, my top 5 indulgent moments…

1) Having a long hot bath, shaving my legs, smothering them in yummy moisteriser then slipping between crisp clean sheets.

2) Cuddling up with Geoff on the bed in the middle of the day to fall asleep watching tv (ok, so it won’t happen again, but I’m allowed to dream am i not?)

3) High School Musical. What would the people next to me on the train think if they knew I was rockin’ out to HSM on my iPod.

4) A foot massage from BF (again, not going to happen, but stop me dreamin’). Soooo Goooooooood.

5) Beautiful, silky, smooth, rich, delicious chocolates…..hmmmmmm

And now I shall melt away into oblivion


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