Midnight Adventures

I have a part time job doing photography for a radio station in Ponsonby. On Saturday night, after the event I rolled home at at the early time of 3.15am. I got in, got changed, and crept out again.

Just down the road lives a …friend. Despite being over 25, he has moved home to live with his parents after some difficultly with his current flatmates, then, he just stayed there. He is a single parent with a 5 year old son, so it’s not all that bad to stay with the parents and have that extra help.

He left the back door open. I crept around the side and opened the gate. The sound it made was so loud I’m sure my sister heard houses over. I held my breath and walked into a couple of bags of rubbish causing more loud noise and this time I was certain the inhabitants of the house had to be aware that I was sneaking around the back. What was odd was the fact that I was making this noise and yet the dog hadn’t come to investigate. Don’t get me wrong, I love that dog, and I’m sure it would recognise me eventually but I didn’t want it to start barking at me and having to flee. To be frank, I had been looking forward to this all night.

Why, you ask, am I not using the front door like any sane person? Well, I’m sure our families would have something to say (there is a bit of an age difference) and I dated his brother 4 years ago, which, really is not a huge problem coz we are now close friends – but you see my predicament?

 Once I had crept past the rubbish bags I encountered another obstacle, now I can’t say what exactly it was but in the dark I could see no other option but to crawl commando style under it. As I was trying not to knock anything over or attract attention of the dog I though it was lucky that I decided to forgoe wearing my dress with no underwear and opted for my trakkies and a hoodie (still with no underwear, though I doubted he would have noticed).

As I reached the door I had a momentary freak out where I imagined the door being locked, the dog causing a rakus, and me being discovered by either parent, or brother. I held my breath, hand on the door knob and turned. It stuck at first, and in that instant I heard the dog sniffing around the side. I pushed and was in with no further worries aside from the dark house. 

Before this family lived here my best friends family lived here when I was younger, so I know  this house better than anyone, and yet it was so so dark – darker than I’ve ever seen it.  I crept upstairs and only breathed a sigh of relief when I’d made my way into the right room.

Later on, when I’m ready to leave I hear a noise.  The noise wakes me and I realise I fell asleep where I shouldn’t have. No problem, I’ve fallen asleep before, but managed to get out and into my own bed with the household non the wiser. The noise walked around a bit and while I was waiting for whoever it was to go back to bed (!) I fell asleep to wake at 6.30am. The first clue was the fact that I could see the outline of his face. His room is so dark that I couldn’t see anything when I came in earlier. A light was on in the hallway, and I could hear movement from the laundry below.

I woke him up and made him go down and find out who was up, and why. He came back to say that his mother was up doing the laundry.


At 6.30 in the morning.

This posed a problem, how the hell was I going to get out of there?! We decided that we would wait until she was hanging it out and then I could sneak out the front door. Only problem was the cycle took a while to finish, and the moment we lay back down, we were asleep again.

I woke up, yet again, at 7.50am. I could hear nothing, but now almost certainly my household would be awake with questions.  I lay there for a couple of minutes straining to hear something, anything, but all was quiet. I shook him awake and whispered urgently that I couldn’t hear any noise, go and check and see what she’s doing. He grumbled but he’s stuck in the same situation so he obligingly got up out of bed, yet again, and went downstairs to see what was going on.  He was gone 2 seconds before he ran back up again and said she was out in the other garage, I was to head out the way I came in (god forbid the gate slammed or the dog heard me) and he would take care of her if she moved. I got around the side ok but there was an open area, where if she chose to glance that way she would have seen me run across the lawn. I took my chances and sprinted. I spent the 2 minute walk home pondering on what I was going to tell my household.

Our house is not built for sneaking around. The doors are loud, the floor creaks, and they leave their bedroom doors open. By some god given miracle, I opened the door quietly, managed to avoid the loud floor spots, and even though the bedroom door was open, they were still asleep! I crept in, undressed, and gratefully got into bed, our encounter still our secret.

2 thoughts on “Midnight Adventures

  1. dobeman says:

    Ah, reminds me of my younger-ish days. Why, when I was a wee teen, I used to sneak over to my gf’s house after-hours. I’d drive by with my lights off, she’d flash the lights if it was OK to sneak in and so we did. One night, (I must have horribly “in the need”) I parked in the driveway. My teen mind logiced that her father was less likely to see my car in the driveway than he would parked just off to the right or left of his house. At any rate, in the middle of our…um…talk, he got up and stumbled through the house and into the driveway for some still unknown reason. To this day, I still don’t understand how he missed my car being parked RIGHT THERE!

    Thank the Lord for sleepwalkers!

    Just don’t get caught!

  2. missmw says:

    Amen to that. The amount of times I got ‘caught’ by my mum, only to discover she was sleep walking

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