I’m not Bipolar – I have hormones

I don’t blame you for thinking I’m crazy. I think I’m crazy. I drive myself insane at night when I am lying in bed wondering how one little body can put up with so many different emotions and feelings.

Yesterday, down and depressed. Today, I can’t stop smiling.

If I were to go to a shrink, I’m sure they would diagnose me Bipolic and send me away with yet more drugs.

I am on so many, I have to have one of those little plastic boxes that have the pills for the separate days, so I know what I’ve taken and what I’ve forgotten. Like I’m senile or something.

So, just to let you know, I don’t need help (yet), I’m not crazy (yet), I’m not Bipolic (again, yet) but I DO have hormones raging all over the friggen place.

3 thoughts on “I’m not Bipolar – I have hormones

  1. Reed says:

    Would you believe me if I tell you I know what you mean. Only difference is, I haven’t been diagnosed by a doc. Its not the meds-right now I take Effexor, and feel the heightened activity in the brain. When the doc told me to double it up the anti depressant, I didn’t-I know what will happen-my mind and body will go into a frenzy! But part of being bipolar we are also gifted with creativity. I hate the nights sometimes, and my crazy life, but consider myself fortunate than others-I too haven’t lost it. (yet).

  2. BPD in OKC says:

    hormones suck. it really is like being bipolar sometimes …

  3. missmw says:

    BPD – it’s being a woman, totally over-rated, and men just don’t get it :p

    Reed – So it seems i’m on the path to being bipolar, as I do count myself as creative

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