I can’t sleep

It’s 12.07am and I can’t sleep. Possibly because it’s the fourth night in a row I’ve had to sleep on my back when usually I fall asleep face down in the pillow. Or it could be the half bag of party mix sitting open on my bed that was closed earlier this evening.

Either way, I can’t sleep and it’s bugging me. I am tempted to go out into the lounge, turn on drivel on E! channel and fall asleep watching that. Though I know it will still allude me. I want to sleep in a comfortable position soooo bad and it’s just not going to happen.

During the day I have been going stir crazy becuase I cannot just sit at home and watch tv and movies all day. I need to get out and do something productive. But I can’t. I knew the recovery was going to be worse than the actual surgery but that still doesn’t mean I wasn’t freaked out. I was freaked out, but about that recovery – not the surgery. I was going to be knocked out after all, no need to be scared then.

It’s 12.17am.

Still not tired.

Still can’t sleep.


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