Dancing in my nuddy-pants!

As in, the book by Louise Rennison. I am showing upmost matoriosity when I say that these books make me laugh so much.

Top 5 Georgia sayings

1) “…leaned down and kissed me. Wow. I knew that eveyrone walking past was looking, but I had my eyes closed. I did try slightly opening my eyes, but I could only see a big sort of blurry pink thing, which gave me quite a turn, until I realised it was my nose really close up.”

2) “Jas, you’ve got adorable cheeks. One on each side of your nose. Couldn’t be better.”

3) “Also, I thought I should practise saying somthing normal so that even if my brain fell out (as it normally does when I see him) my mouth could carry on regardless. I thought a simple approach was best. Something like, ‘Hi,’ (pause, and a bit of s sexy smile, lips parted, nostils not flaring widly) and then, ‘Long time no dig’.
Cool – a bit on the eccentric side, but wiht no hint of brain gone on holiday to Cyprus.
I came out of my shop doorway and walked towards him. Then he saw me. Oh heavens to Betsy, Mr Gorgeous has landed.
He said, ‘Hi Georgia’ in his Sex-Goddy voice and I said,
‘Hi Dig.’
Dig??? ”

 4) ” ‘I’ve got this weird feeling of reliefosity.’
And she said, ‘What , like when you need a poo and then you have a poo?’ ”

5) “As soon as I arrived he pulled me to him, which was a bit of a shame as he was wearing a coat with quite big buttons and one went right up my nose.”

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