The view from home

Some days I don’t want to leave

evening sky to see the full size, and download the desktop wallpaper size.

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All Blacks new Poster Boy

Unless you are in New Zealand or England, last nights game probably did not even register on your list of things to watch on a Saturday night – or even on your list of things to be bothered by. I, for example, love to watch the NZ NBL which I realize pales in comparison with the American League, but I can’t watch the American one.

So, last night we debuted another star. 19-year-old Richard Kahui, fresh faced and eager looked damn nervous during the national anthem, but was right there to pull his weigh throughout the entire game. When captain Richie McCaw was taken off due to an injury in the first half Kahui never faltered without the leadership of his captain. He followed Dan Carter’s beautiful set up with the first try of the game, although, some couch ‘refs’ had a couple of things to say about the way he put the ball down criticizing him for showing off, and not being more careful to make sure it wasn’t a ‘knock on during try’.
I gave him the benifit of the doubt. It’s you’re first international debute. You are allowed to make a few mistakes. He didn’t let anyone down for the rest of the game. After a particularly nasty head collision with an English player Kahui knelt down next to him to see if he was alright. This is the kind of sportsmanship that makes me proud to be a kiwi and to support our boys in Black. To be honest, even if he was an Aussie knocked down I’m sure he would have stooped to help. In saying that, I’m not sure if you have seen the Aussie team, but they are not built to be pretty. They are built solid and tough like tanks. I’m not sure they would be easily knocked down.
Already for such a young player I can see the potential that had him picked for the team. And I’m not an avid follower sure, so I think for me to pick this up he must be something extraordinary. And for me to write about it means something.

Well, that, and I am without a team to support in the NBL since the Auckland Stars were knocked out at the Semis. The Waikato Pistons took it out in the end which is great for them as they haven’t won since 2002.

Oh…and he’s pretty damn fine looking too…

This is the English guy before he and Kahui collided

and just after

Kahui? Got away with a tooth scratch across the forehead.

I’m in a strange situation

I’m living at my exs house in the city. Well, technically, my name is still on the apartment but I’m not paying rent.

So, I’m staying in the city this week because I am working 7am starts for 2 weeks, and then 6.30am starts.
But then I get a reprieve with 1.30pm starts. Nice. This is all now because I am internet trained and I should know everything.

I pretend I do, but there is way too much for me to ever know everything. and there are so many little questions. But I feel so satisfied when I make a booking that is over $10,000.

I saw a picture on exs phone of a girl with no top on just holding her boobs with her hands. She had small boobs. Problem is i can’t see her face so i can’t identify who it is. I don’t care actually, the need to know is only fueled by curiosity. I don’t have any feelings, deep or emotional or sexual. Of course i still love him in the friend sense, and he will always be there for me and i him, but I feel so good when its not pressured.

And, I don’t have to feel guilty when I see my special friend. With him, that is raw lust and I love it. The secrecy, the urgency. Forgive me, but I thrive on it. For now. Later on I might want more, but I’m enjoying being single.


so, it seems I tend to go on hiatus without realising it.

I do it on my photography account too, which I shouldnt, coz the more I post, the more feedback I get and I really want it.

On Saturday night we threw a surprise party for my best mate. He didn’t want one, but how can you not celebrate your 21st without even a mini lunch/dinner/champers breakkie with your friends.

Hellloooo, I didn’t even get invited to the dinner on the night of his acutal birthday. Ok, to be honest, it was only family, and his gf, BUT his gf is only new, and we’ve been close for 5 years now. I think that’s an achievement when I’ve lost touch with so many friends from high school.

It was a great party. He loved it.

Anyhow, I’m back, for now. 🙂