I have a new love

Dominic  Cooper.

Nuff said.



Generally I don’t read a lot of fantasy. I love to read. Love a good romance, love a good crime, heck, if it’s a comedic romantic crime novel there is nothing better. Or historical, but not boring.

But fantasy and sci-fi don’t do it for me. I guess you could say that I don’t have much of an imagination but I think it’s the addition of a dragon to make it fantasy or space for sci-fi that makes me think the authors don’t have much of an imagination.  Too far streatched from reality has never been appealing.

So why is it then that I absolutely love the Harry Potter novels? I think it may be that I started reading them when I was younger and as they are aimed at children it was easier to wrap my mind around. I think it is also the application of everyday events into the novels. It could easily be something that happens in our world today. There could easily be a Hogwarts sitting in the England undetected and a Qudditch World Cup game being organised behind a forest the muggles hardley ever venture into. I belive that if I walked through a certain pub and into a certain ally and tapped a few certain bricks I would find myself in a ceratin magical town. And seriously, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, read the books, or, at the very least, watch the first movie. It’s fun, it’s light-hearted. Young, yes, but the actors get older. The movies (and the books) get better as they go on.

It’s the element of realism that I enjoy. To be honest, if someone had told me now go and read these books, they’re about wizards, I would have turned them down.

But such is the appeal of J K Rowling. Adults and children alike (even though some adults where there only because of the children) que-ed for hours when the final book came out. I, myself pre-ordered months in advance then wandered down in  the drizzel and had a minor heart attack when they couldn’t find my reservation for the books. Contary to popular belief I did not purchase a child and an adults version to see if there were any discrepencies in the text*, but I ordered one book for myself, and one for a friend. The books were found in the end and I continued on my merry way to read it quickly before the internet spoiled anything for me.

And I do admit that I shed a little tear when Fred died fighting in the final battle. After 7 books you get attatched to certain characters. And I couldn’t imagine being a twin who had lost their other half.
Again, another realistic element.

I have a fond spot for The Adventures of Mr Potter and his friends (btw, so glad it’s not called that, I would have never ever picked up a book starting with ‘the adventures’). And I can’t wait until I have children who I can read the books to. Of course, that requires another person in my life. For now, I will hovel up in front of the fire place with my Harry and my hot chocolate.


*Anyone get the quote?!

national anthem

Can you tell it’s All Black’s season? I seem to have something to say after most games. Although the game was last Saturday and it is now Thursday in Missmw land.

I love watching the Haka at the start of the game. We all do. We turn on surround sound, have it way up high and enjoy that short little time where our boys lay down the challenge to their oponents. And most of the time they can’t stand up to the challenge. Unless it is an important game (i.e. the world cup) and then we seem to buckle under the pressure. I have faith though. I think all it will take for us to win the World Cup is to play the games on home soil and have the home crowd backing them. It is for this reason that I know the All Blacks will win the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

Anyway, I have deviated from the point. The point is that in primary school every Friday morning we filed into the school hall (which was only a couple of years old by the time I left – before that, we had assembly in the cold) and sat in our house groups. My house was Tui – the others were Weka, Kaka and Kiwi. We always started with the national anthem. It wasn’t the  usual one though, the version we did had a Maori call at the start, then it launched into the Maori version, and then the English one. I loved it. I love singing in general even though I sometimes hit the wrong notes. My ex who is a singer and musician loved to tell me that I would sing a song, hit a wrong note, and just transpose the whole song to sign in the wrong key. I take that as rather talented.

When I watch the start of international sports games and I see our boys singing the national athem with pride on their face it makes me in turn feel so so proud of our country. What disapoints me is when they aren’t singing or when they are singing half-heartedly. Take pride! Sing loud!

Bar Water

There was a little side article in the paper the other day. Patrons were outraged that at a recent dance event (Deep Hard N Funky at the Vector Arena in Auckland for those of you playing at home) we (as I was there too) were forced to pay $4.70NZD for a 300ml bottle of water. Which equates to $3.58USD, $3.78AUD or 1.79GBP (again, for those of you playing at home).

Not sure if you’ve been to dance event before, but heck, if you’ve stepped foot into a club, in the middle of tourist/summer season you have a fairly good idea as to how stuffy and hot it gets and how easy it is to get dehydrated with drugs and drink floating around.

Also – on the rough side, the water in the bathrooms was automatically hot preventing free refills – meaning I spent more on water than I would have liked, and I wasn’t helping the environment one bit. It has to be said, I’m not incredibly aware of my carbon footprint and all that jazz* but I find it crazy that the only option was bottled water. A couple of the bars in Auckland City now have warm soapy water in their taps thus preventing free refills and forcing the patrons to use soap when washing there hands. A good idea in theory, especially germ-wise. But it’s a hard hit on the pocket when you’re thinking about petrol prices and food prices.

A good point made by a friend the other day was that sober drivers should get free water. Flash your car keys, get free water. Keeps them hydrated and alert and it’s a positive to come out of the whole sober driving thing.

So…do you think that bars/events should be charging for bottled water? Include events like Big Day Out too. You can’t bring your own water in so surely if should be freely available and freely advertised.

*Speaking of carbon footprints. My brothers ute broke down the other day. As I was following him home to make sure he made it I thought I was driving through fog. Turns out it was all the smoke absolutely pouring out of the engine. His carbon footprint just expanded by 10.