Bar Water

There was a little side article in the paper the other day. Patrons were outraged that at a recent dance event (Deep Hard N Funky at the Vector Arena in Auckland for those of you playing at home) we (as I was there too) were forced to pay $4.70NZD for a 300ml bottle of water. Which equates to $3.58USD, $3.78AUD or 1.79GBP (again, for those of you playing at home).

Not sure if you’ve been to dance event before, but heck, if you’ve stepped foot into a club, in the middle of tourist/summer season you have a fairly good idea as to how stuffy and hot it gets and how easy it is to get dehydrated with drugs and drink floating around.

Also – on the rough side, the water in the bathrooms was automatically hot preventing free refills – meaning I spent more on water than I would have liked, and I wasn’t helping the environment one bit. It has to be said, I’m not incredibly aware of my carbon footprint and all that jazz* but I find it crazy that the only option was bottled water. A couple of the bars in Auckland City now have warm soapy water in their taps thus preventing free refills and forcing the patrons to use soap when washing there hands. A good idea in theory, especially germ-wise. But it’s a hard hit on the pocket when you’re thinking about petrol prices and food prices.

A good point made by a friend the other day was that sober drivers should get free water. Flash your car keys, get free water. Keeps them hydrated and alert and it’s a positive to come out of the whole sober driving thing.

So…do you think that bars/events should be charging for bottled water? Include events like Big Day Out too. You can’t bring your own water in so surely if should be freely available and freely advertised.

*Speaking of carbon footprints. My brothers ute broke down the other day. As I was following him home to make sure he made it I thought I was driving through fog. Turns out it was all the smoke absolutely pouring out of the engine. His carbon footprint just expanded by 10.



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