Generally I don’t read a lot of fantasy. I love to read. Love a good romance, love a good crime, heck, if it’s a comedic romantic crime novel there is nothing better. Or historical, but not boring.

But fantasy and sci-fi don’t do it for me. I guess you could say that I don’t have much of an imagination but I think it’s the addition of a dragon to make it fantasy or space for sci-fi that makes me think the authors don’t have much of an imagination.  Too far streatched from reality has never been appealing.

So why is it then that I absolutely love the Harry Potter novels? I think it may be that I started reading them when I was younger and as they are aimed at children it was easier to wrap my mind around. I think it is also the application of everyday events into the novels. It could easily be something that happens in our world today. There could easily be a Hogwarts sitting in the England undetected and a Qudditch World Cup game being organised behind a forest the muggles hardley ever venture into. I belive that if I walked through a certain pub and into a certain ally and tapped a few certain bricks I would find myself in a ceratin magical town. And seriously, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, read the books, or, at the very least, watch the first movie. It’s fun, it’s light-hearted. Young, yes, but the actors get older. The movies (and the books) get better as they go on.

It’s the element of realism that I enjoy. To be honest, if someone had told me now go and read these books, they’re about wizards, I would have turned them down.

But such is the appeal of J K Rowling. Adults and children alike (even though some adults where there only because of the children) que-ed for hours when the final book came out. I, myself pre-ordered months in advance then wandered down in  the drizzel and had a minor heart attack when they couldn’t find my reservation for the books. Contary to popular belief I did not purchase a child and an adults version to see if there were any discrepencies in the text*, but I ordered one book for myself, and one for a friend. The books were found in the end and I continued on my merry way to read it quickly before the internet spoiled anything for me.

And I do admit that I shed a little tear when Fred died fighting in the final battle. After 7 books you get attatched to certain characters. And I couldn’t imagine being a twin who had lost their other half.
Again, another realistic element.

I have a fond spot for The Adventures of Mr Potter and his friends (btw, so glad it’s not called that, I would have never ever picked up a book starting with ‘the adventures’). And I can’t wait until I have children who I can read the books to. Of course, that requires another person in my life. For now, I will hovel up in front of the fire place with my Harry and my hot chocolate.


*Anyone get the quote?!

2 thoughts on “Haaaaarrrryyyyyy

  1. Mortality says:

    I cried when Dobby died…

  2. missmw says:

    Aww me too!

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