My corner of the world

Ok, so when I was naming my blog, I didn’t realise that “My corner of the world” is such a popular blog name. In fact, all I could think about when I was naming it was what the frick am I supposed to name a blog that is not going to have any aim or theme?! Or if it did, it would change constinatly.

I did a google search though, and I am rather proud to say that my blog appears on the frist page 6th down.

Not that that was my aim, and to be honest, I don’t really care.

What does amuse me though, is that fact that people acutally read this. Even when I have had the worst internet connection for 5 weeks (as in none) so I update it like….once a week, or two, people still read it. Or visit it. Or whatever.


And thanks.

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