Gym Bunny

I joined a gym. Well…my parents joined up for me. They oraganised it and paid for it so I feel really guilty if I don’t use it.

What I don’t like is that it’s a male and female gym. I don’t like being all woobly, and sweaty, and red faced and un-co to then fall off the cross trainer to realise there was a totally hot buff guy behind me for god knows how long.

Oh the shame.

What I do like is that my gym has adpoted classes from Les Mills and there are a couple that I’ve always wanted to try. So, I might sit in the back of the class and see how many men take them.

Acutally, given the comment above, I haven’t really seen any men doing cardio at the gym, it’s a cliche but they’re all in the weights room, somthing I avoid.

Anyway, I’m embracing my new gym bunny life at the moment.

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