I think I am obsessed with Sex

I never thought I was. I mean, I had a healthy appetite, but then again, I did have a steady partner for 2 nd a half years.

But lately all I think about is Juciy Lips. Like OMG. Seriously. What is wrong with me?

Oh  yea, the lips.

And then when there is no communication for a couple of days, and all I want is a flirty text I cant stop thinking about him.

Maybe I need a detox.

No boys.



One thought on “I think I am obsessed with Sex

  1. pyeyo says:

    It was pointed out recently that nature has provided us with exquisite abilities to propagate and beyond that we have no ability towards longevity, we are meant to grow, mature, mate, survive long enough to hopefully be replaced by our offspring and then it’s over, no mechanism exists to age.
    Given if this indeed is true maybe we should enjoy all of this on the front end.
    I know this sounds a little hedonistic, just another male justification to snog about, maybe it’s just a sweet electronic pickup line but take what you need here. Obsess, play, have some fun. It all passes, only Hollywood stars have time for real addictions anyway. The rest of us get to be human and our thoughts wander to the juicy, steamy, yummy, sometimes messy, grunty things.

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