Very festive isn’t it??

I like Halloween. I like dressing up and partying.  So for now I have a pumpkin and black coloured theme.

Actually,  I just like the party the family friends throw every year. We go over, the Wankers Club are always there, we drink, we dance and sing along to all our fav old hits and then about 4 or 5 am we look around and suddenly realise that it’s just me and the brothers, and maybe a friend or two still awake. It’s at this time that I tend to slink off home into the night. If I stay long enough, people start waking up and that’s when you KNOW  you sould be gone.

For last year’s one I dressed up as a witch. A pregnant looking witch to be honest. It was before my operation so the dress went over my boobs and then fell straight down. None of this clingly to my hippy’s kinda thing going on it was very long, and heavy and all over the place. But it was the only costume that fit my huge boobies. 

I LOVE any kind of festival season. Christmas is my fave because for me in the space of one week I have Christmas, my brithday and New Years. But mostly I love festive seasons because of the parties 😀


One thought on “Very festive isn’t it??

  1. lostwishes says:

    Please, don’t try to make us feel sorry for you, when we (we as in me) don’t know you that well in the first place. Your writing is good, but first impressions can still be misleading. If you wish for more people to visit your page, (no offense)…then try even harder to improve your writing! I’m of course, just trying to help.

    Is there a friends function on this website? I’m just afraid I’ve lost track of it.

    Please, if you have any wants for your writing, then please, be my friend. It will help you not only in the short term but also in the long term.

    I’m also not just here to help you. If you need any kind of support, just give me a holler! But don’t bug me too much, or else I’ll be more likely to bug you!

    Teaching lessons is an important part of society. LOL. It really is though, it really is.

    Anyway, whatever your decision, just keep in mind my intentions, what you know, and the potential to try it!

    It may just come in handy.

    Best regards,

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