Wankers Club

In the small little community that I grew up in my parents and their friends formed the “Wankers Club”. King Wanker was ofc Carter. Aptly named because when he is drunk, he is very very drunk and a total and complete Wanker.

This group would get together and drink and smoke and as the night went on they got drunker and more stoned. The would play loud music and laugh. The would go to the local pub (15min drive away) and place bets on the horses. They would get together and play dice. They had a phase of getting together and playing cards. As we got older we were allowed to join in the games, and eventually the drinking, and (in my sisters case) smoking. Well…smoking ciggys…I still can’t bring myself to smoke a joint in front of my mother.

It’s funny coz I hate smoking but weed is sweeter and not as bad…really though I’m just kidding myself.


ANYWAY – that’s beside the point.

Slowly I have migrated into the outer circle of the Wankers Club and over the years people have come and gone but the main wankers are still alive and kicking.

If you are having a party you only need to say that the Wankers Club will be there, and it will be a good night.




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