pAArty Time!

A couple of nights ago I had the party for my 21st. My actual birthday isn’t until the 29th, but, as I’m sure you can understand hardly anyone is around for the party and it would have been a rather sad affair.

So we brought it forward to the 20th. I had a 3 day weekend off work which was even better.

I decided to have the party at my parents place. It’s where I grew up and I had my 18th there so I know it’s got the potential for a great party. We had been counting on the weather being nice so that we could pop up the marque type thing we have. It is a cheap version, more like a tent garage but it was big enough to do the trick.

Unfortunatly for us, the weather had other plans. We spent the week before watching the forcast begging it to change. I am a big fan of positive thinking so all week I’m saying “the weather is going to be nice, the weather is going to be nice, the weather is going to be nice.” My mother on the other hand was a bit of a pessimist. I do believe in being prepared for the worst, but I refuse to think that’s the way it’s going to turn out. We considered other options like having it at the local hall (which I was against) or at the neighbours house which, lets be honest, is built for parties.

We have a sizeable deck and clear blinds that roll down to keep the wind and rain out. We got dad to cover in the top so it was like another room. We totally cleared out the louge which was no easy task. The couch and 2 armchairs are REALLY heavy and my brother and I had to lift them into the conservatory. Mum wanted it as a place for people to go if they wanted to get away from the noise, but I knew they’d just be used for sleeping.

We set up fairy lights and lanterns and gave it a real party/beachy feel.

My grandfather makes home brew of litterly EVERYTHING. He provided the alcohol (of which I still have a lot left) so we decided to have a cocktail party.  And he’s been brewing for years too, so it’s not like his stuff is awful. Its great.

But he does up the alcohol content to be 50% which is why we still have heaps left, because we don’t need to drink much to get trashed. It does taste really good though. I do tend to forget sometimes the alcohol content is higher than usual and remeber the next morning when I’ve still got it sloshing around in my stomach.

I had a red halter dress that I wore, and it was quite low cut, so that was the only worry I had. I think if I had been really aware of it, it would have been even more obvious. But I was so happy and confident that I didn’t really care!

My sister did my hair for me. I want curls, and she has the best straightener in the world. It’s not a GHD, it’s like an imitation, but it’s sooooo good. She used it to do the curls – to start with they are all really tight to my head. I had resonabl hair lenght, and it shortened it so much. I felt like if I shook my head, they weren’t going to move individually, it was all a collective. Tracey came over earlier and watched me get ready. We straighened her curly as hair and it stayed straight the entire night!

The weather threw everything it had at us while I was getting ready. Wind, horizontal rain – it threatened the clear blinds, and came in the gaps.
But then, as it hit 7.30, I was ready for the party, and it died down. My friends started arriving and told me that over our house was a giant rainbow.

I started getting really excited and I’ll be honest it’s partly because of how the present pile was growing too! heh

So all was going well, the drinks were flowing, music was playing and guest were pouring in.

And then.

The power went out.


No power to my party.





Dear Sir

If I do something to upset you as a friend, you would tell me right?

If I said or did something you would let me know, and not just….ignore me….cut me out….right?

Because unlike some people I know, I’m sure that you would at least yell at me, or point out what i had done wrong.


It’s not something that people usually keep to themselves, mainly because they want to let the other person know just what they’re thinking.

and I thought you were a decent person.

That you were nice and kind and helpful and generous.

So what was it all for?

What was the point?

If you were going to build a friendship, make me believe we would have a good time together…

…and then ignore me? Delete my comments when I try to reach out. Ignore my attempts to get hold of you?

What is the point?

And quite frankly if you don’t want to be my friend, I won’t push it. It’s not like I didn’t get on without you before.

All I want to know….is WHY? Why the sudden change with no explanation.

I think I deserve that much at least.