Dear Sir

If I do something to upset you as a friend, you would tell me right?

If I said or did something you would let me know, and not just….ignore me….cut me out….right?

Because unlike some people I know, I’m sure that you would at least yell at me, or point out what i had done wrong.


It’s not something that people usually keep to themselves, mainly because they want to let the other person know just what they’re thinking.

and I thought you were a decent person.

That you were nice and kind and helpful and generous.

So what was it all for?

What was the point?

If you were going to build a friendship, make me believe we would have a good time together…

…and then ignore me? Delete my comments when I try to reach out. Ignore my attempts to get hold of you?

What is the point?

And quite frankly if you don’t want to be my friend, I won’t push it. It’s not like I didn’t get on without you before.

All I want to know….is WHY? Why the sudden change with no explanation.

I think I deserve that much at least.


3 thoughts on “Dear Sir

  1. duskydi says:


    Your blog was a link on my blog, so I’ve come to say hello.

    I’m just wondering who sir is, this letter feels like is wriitten to me from my friend.

    Hope you and your friend find some peace. Why don’t you contact her.


    • missmw says:

      He’s someone who I thought was getting over…whatever it was.
      But he declines to reply to me anymore, and I don’t want to trun into a nag (but I think I already have)

      Thanks for reading though šŸ™‚

  2. missmw says:

    Which one is your blog?

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