Very festive isn’t it??

I like Halloween. I like dressing up and partying.  So for now I have a pumpkin and black coloured theme.

Actually,  I just like the party the family friends throw every year. We go over, the Wankers Club are always there, we drink, we dance and sing along to all our fav old hits and then about 4 or 5 am we look around and suddenly realise that it’s just me and the brothers, and maybe a friend or two still awake. It’s at this time that I tend to slink off home into the night. If I stay long enough, people start waking up and that’s when you KNOW  you sould be gone.

For last year’s one I dressed up as a witch. A pregnant looking witch to be honest. It was before my operation so the dress went over my boobs and then fell straight down. None of this clingly to my hippy’s kinda thing going on it was very long, and heavy and all over the place. But it was the only costume that fit my huge boobies. 

I LOVE any kind of festival season. Christmas is my fave because for me in the space of one week I have Christmas, my brithday and New Years. But mostly I love festive seasons because of the parties 😀


I pledge…

I pledge that from now until the end of the year I will:

  • Drink at least two 750ml bottles of water a day (I drink hardly any, it’s a real challenge for me).
  • Eat ONLY from the Core food list. No bonus points unless it’s on alcohol (see next). Exempt on Christmas Day.
  • Drink only two alcoholic drinks a night if I must, with diet soda. I am exempt on my birthday (29th Dec).
  • Walk at least 30mins a day (including Christmas Day) and wear my pedometer.
  • Plan as many meals as I can.
  • Eat more veges and try to have as little salt as possible.
  • Jump on the internet or email if I have a lapse for an instantaneous motivation boost. Or to at least distract me.

Here I go.

My dead body is worth $5015.00

On Friday night I went home to visit my parents. We spent Saturday getting a Christmas tree, doing Christmas shopping, and painting the office. It started off that I was going to paint the free standing wardrobe. Then mum realised we had lots of paint left over (was given to us) and that it matched the other wall in the office/sleep out. So, I painted the kitchen. Freakin’ spiders though. Why do they always run TOWARDS me!? Actually, why is there an insane amount of spiders in there in the first place? It’s like a spider world. Yuck.

On Sunday night I went up to Orewa for a friends birthday. We had a lovely lunch in which we sat a magazine article of Casey Affleck staring at us with his bedroom eyes (oh yum) in his own chair, then drove around, terroising boys with our gangster music blaring out of a car full of white girls while trying to find the bus that went back to Auckland.

And none of us even like that music.

Thank god we don’t live there.

Went and saw The Assination of Jesse James last night staring Brad Pitt and Casey Affleck. Which is good. I liked it. It is slow, so defiantly not a movie for action lovers. I like a bit of action, but too much. So, I like Transformers but any more and it would be enough.

I finish here at work on Wednesday. Then I am free until the 7th of January. Whoop. It’s going to be crazy busy in that two weeks, and actually, I can’t wait until I start to have a break.

I am having a real hard time with Fat Fighters at the moment. I look in the mirror, and I see my chubby tummy and it sucks, I hate it. But then I hang  out with my friends, and half of them are larger then I am and I feel better about myself compared to them. I know that is a TERRIBLE thing to say, but I don’t feel like the biggest fatty there.  And because I don’t have proper shoes to exercise in I’m getting sore knees again and making TONNES of excuses not to exercise. I wish I wouldn’t, I wish I was one of those people who LOVED exercising. I do love netball. And I wish I did that more often than once a week. BUT GAH.

I need a kick up the bum.

And a list.

I need a list.

I’m going to write a list.

That makes me feel productive.

Work Christmas Party (part 2)

We had our Christmas party for work on Saturday night…

We went to a local pub for dinner and open tab on the bar. BF came along. He doesn’t drink, which is fine. He had gingerbeer all night. Early on it was fairly uneventful. I ordered the nachos which were on the entree menu but when I got them they were huge. I couldn’t finish it all. I drunk all night and listened to BF talk to workmates about TV shows, and sci-fi books of which I had no interest. Everyone had brought along their partners. And at about 11.00 T’s partner  wanted to leave. She wanted T to come with her, but he stayed. When we finally got away the group had been reduced to myself, T, B, A and D.
As B’s partner was leaving she yelled out “Don’t get into any trouble”

We made our way down to the C and B. Now, for part of the night I had been thinking about T in a way I shouldn’t be. Because we both have partners. I think it was the drink, and the fact we weren’t in a work situation, because I would never cheat on BF or anything, and it’s not the same now that we are back at work again. I also have times where I freak out and I think that we are too serious for how young we are and what if I’m making a mistake etc etc. And I tend to lean towards older men when I am thinking this. T is 31, 11 years older than I. The last person I was thinking like this with was 9 years older. It doesn’t help that they aren’t bad looking. I’ve not acted on it at all. and I’m never thinking relationships either. I am thinking no-strings-attached kind of thing. and I shouldn’t be thinking like this! But I can’t help it. I don’t want to break up with BF because I love him, but maybe I’m bored? I’m bored with how monotomous our relationship is? How he never tries that much anymore. How we never go out at all? How it feels so much like husband and wife in their 40s it’s not funny. I want to go out and party. But he’s always working nights (night manager in our building) so we don’t go out together plus he doesn’t like that atmosphere anyway. And maybe that’s where the thoughts come sneaking in. I want someone who will come out and have fun with me, but I know that person isn’t going to be BF.

And then, and then…there was that look, that look that shouldn’t have happened…

When we got to the Cock + Bull we got in and went straight to the drinks. I drunk more drinks in a hour than I have before, and still did not get even slightly tipsy. My alcoholic tolerance was a lot higher than it should have been.
T is quite tall, so when we go drunk he started getting all army and leggy, quite like a praying mantis. I spent half of the time we were there just laughing into my drink. They are freakin’ funny as drunk. Got up and danced a bit with this wicked as cover band. They finished their set with Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody so we were dancing in a line with our arms around each other. D, me, B and T. We broke off at the end of the song, D went to get another drink, T kept clapping and clapping and B…well he tried to kiss me. I bent over backwards to get away, and it was an amazing display of gymnastics that I managed to bend back and straighten up again. He left pretty quick after that. Went to get another drink. I’m sure it was the drink.
After the band the scene kinda died. A, D and B were having a smoke outside. T came out of the bathroom looking a little worse for wear, and we went out to join them. T decided that given his present state (smashed and likely to barf) he would head home, and A decided he would too. A friend from course last year had been texting me and telling me to meet up with him at a club down town, so I said I’d be heading there and that’s where I wanted my taxi to go. D and B came with me too. When we go to the club, I went in and saw my friend and then took off to the dance floor with B. He was getting a bit touchy/feely (tried to kiss me again), but I wasn’t going to do anything, and I figured, he could stay with me and keep outta trouble, or he could go and get himself into trouble. Plus, I was fairly sure he wouldn’t remember anything. They didn’t last long and left after a bit. It was just me and college friend, and I left at about 4am (he was still going strong, good luck to him!).

I was worried it would be awkward with B at work today, but he doesn’t remember anything after the cock and bull so that’s fine. It’s all normal. Safe to say, I didn’t tell BF about B. I don’t think it would have gone down well, and it’s not like that happens all the time, but he wouldn’t want me going out thinking that it was going to happen again.

If I was any kind of sensible I would stop drinking alcohol – but I’m not that sensible – I am only 19 after all!!

Work Christmas Party (part 1)

Now, in my brief work history I’ve been to a few Work Christmas Parties, and in general, I like them, I have a good time, and I wish the next day that I hadn’t drunk that much.

There was one year I was the only employee to work the day after. It was a Saturday and I managed the shop for the business. Sometimes it was busy, most of the time, it was dead.

We went out that night to the night trots. They had free beer and wine, a meal, and dancing after races had finished. Alcohol for me seems to be something that loosens my tongue. It’s like it’s not me. I talk a lot. I dance (which isn’t all that bad, I do like dancing, and I dance, I don’t stumble on the floor).
I also do dumb things.
I’m not a smoker, but I was outside with Thomas and Peter at BFs 21st. Thomas ran inside and gave Peter his ciggy. Peter was smoking it, but bum puffing, not properly and it was pissing off my drunk mind. So I grabbed it off him and showed him how to smoke properly. For someone who doesn’t smoke it came surprisinly easy. I’m not saying I have NEVER smoked, I tried it once or twice in high school and it just didn’t sit right with me. I still don’t understand why people do that.
Anyway, as I was showing Peter how to do it, BF came out and saw me and got really upset. REALLY upset. He doesn’t drink, so he was totally sober, and it wasn’t the drunk upset which was a bit over the top I think. I don’t know how I managed to do it, but well, I was talking a lot and he calmed down and let me share his bed (how nice of him).

So at this particular Christmas party I was drinking my fair share and dancing, and bugging one of the work guys to dance with me. oooh the shame. I would never had badgered like that under normal circumstances. AND THEN when we were on the way home, and I realised he hadn’t danced I hit him. A friendly hit, but we weren’t friends enough that I should have done that. I’m way to friendly when I’m drunk. The next morning I paid for it. I was so sick. I was so tried. I still had to get up and work. I didn’t actually do much work that day, and the boss didn’t mind. Well neither of them (husband and wife) showed their faces after I went to work.

I have learnt that it’s not a good idea to have your photo taken when you are drunk.

We had our Christmas party for work on Saturday night…

Like my christmas theme?

I like Christmas. Best time of year. That and my birthday, which happen to be within a week of each other. So all year I look forward to Chirsssmasbirfday and then it’s all over. And I have a whole year to wait until I receive more pressies. I sound spoilt but really, I’m not.

You know when you’ve wanted to get something, but it’s a bit luxurious or you just can’t afford it right now. And then friends and family ask “what do you want for your birthday? What do you want for Christmas?” and you tell them that. Well generally people are asked twice a year, I get asked once. And so I admit, I try and milk it. Doesn’t work out that well because my birthday is AFTER Christmas, not before. Most people have forgotten, and spent their money, so they get me gift vouchers. Always with the gift vouchers, or the $40 cheque from one set of grandparents. I’ve received the same thing since I turned 13.

I was tempted to wear a Santa hat to work this morning but I am nicer than that. Some people are just grinchy. Take a guy I work with for instance. Didn’t take to the flashing Santa hats that were on display at our work function on Saturday night. Where is your Christmas spirit?!