Alot of the time, I’ll see someone and start my sentence with “I had a weird dream last night”, and they’ve come to accept that as the norm. I do have a lot of weird dreams, no flying through space, or standing naked in front of a large crowd, that’s pretty much normal.

The other night I dreamt that someone had broken into my car. When I walked  up to it the boot was left open so I would know that someone had been through it.  I discovered that nothing had been stolen, but everything in my car had been re-arranged so that I knew that someone had been there and it was going to drive me crazy not knowing what they had taken.

After I woke up and thought about this, I realised it would be the most halirous prank to pull on someone.



Usually I dream a lot. Lately I haven’t , but the other night I had a strange dream.

Geoff and I were at a farm where it hadn’t rained for a long time. The cows had nothing to drink so we were feeding them teaspoons of condensed milk.  After we had finished and wiped the slobber off our arms, I lay down in the grass between Geoff’s legs. I cuddled him and said “I love you” naturally as anything, and he said it back. It was only after he said it that we both stiffened and held our breath because it wasn’t usual for us to say this. We had been broken up for months. Next minute we are rolling around in the grass, ripping each other’s clothing off, not worrying about the farmers on the hill above us, or the traffic on the road below. We only stopped when we are interrupted by 3 children who live close by asking inane questions about the cows.