Oh Lordy

I want to have little Dave Grohl babies.

I am well aware they will come out long haired, hairy faced, guitar in hand and singing but I’m not fazed.

I could rule the world with my little army of Daves’ because that guy is worshipped. He is the master of commanding an audience. He say’s laugh at the guy with a mullet, you laugh. He tells you to shush and the stadium is filled with an unnatural quiet not heard in the middle of a rock concert. He creates a mexican wave by walking up the aisle connection to the stage in the middle. This guy is like a god.

He is funny, he mocks the “emo” bands*, he makes a triangle solo cool.
And I’m not kidding, this guy, his only job was to play the triangle, and Dave made it awesome. He really was awesome on his own I should add.

During the course of the night, Dave jumped up on the little platform that elevated Taylor Hawkins while playing the drums. He rocked out there for a bit, turned around to jump off, tripped up and fell flat on his face on top of his guitar. Flat on his face! He struggle to get his foot untangled from whatever it was he was caught on, missed the next lyrics, jumped up threw the guitar into the air, swore about the accident and then keep on singing.

I swear, he looked right at me.  He looked up. He did.

Most dissapointing what the HUGE price up on the merchandise. Compared to last time they came (admittdly they were last here 2005) and other bands who have been in the last year, the prices were almost too much. I say almost because I got a hoodie this time and that price was about the same as usual. But tee-shirts started at $50. When you’re expecting $40-$45 at the most it’s a bit shocking.

Still… I could never get sick of watching those guys perform. I had people asking me, if I’d been before, why go again? Because it’s always different, and because they are legends. Oh, and there is a little problem, like, I’m a concert whore.

So watch out, I’m coming for world domination with my army of music playing, swearing, rock goddy mini Daves.

You have been warned.

*I say “emo” like that because I acutally do like those bands, but that’s what everyone knows them as, so it’s a shit generlisation, but an easy one.

** I felt a cring for all the musicians in the audience. I’ve spent enough time around them to know that it almost physically hurts them to see that happen